Although we are passionate about teaching, and would love to have you take our courses and read our documentation, there are many other resources available for learning about GIS.

Here are a few links to more information and training.

Type of ResourceLinkDescriptionLocation
Educational ProgramBCIT GIS ProgramAdvanced diploma and degree programsBurnaby, B.C.
Educational ProgramSimon Fraser UniversityGIS major programBurnaby, B.C.
Educational ProgramVancouver Island UniversityAdvanced Diploma in GIS ApplicationsNanaimo, B.C.
MagazineGoGeomatics CanadaArticles focusing on GIS education in CanadaOnline
ConferenceFOSS4GFree and Open Source GISInternational
OrganizationOSGeoOpen Source Geospatial FoundationInternational
GIS Consultant/Trainergispd.comGIS Professional Development, training, programming and consulting.Seattle
GIS Consultant/Trainerterragis.netGIS Professional Development, training, programming and consulting.Seattle
Educational ProgramMohawk College CertificateCertificate programOnline
Educational ProgramU of West FloridaCertificate programOnline