Web Mapping Courses

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Mashups with Google MapsSpice up your Web site with maps and geographic data. More and more organizations are including location information to their list of products and services. The merging of geographic data with traditional data items on the Internet is called the Geoweb.

Google Maps is at the forefront of the Geoweb. Easy to use and full of functionality, it has quickly become the standard for Web-based maps.

In this course we harness the power of Google Maps to make mashups –applications that combine several technologies in order to deliver a new product or service on the Internet. Each week students examine examples of Google Maps and then add that functionality to the Web site that they create in class.

Google technology is well-documented and easy to understand, but students should have an understanding of basic programming concepts such as variables and functions.
Leaflet for Web MapsLeaflet is a new Open Source library for making web maps. Unlike other web maps, Leaflet is free to install on a web site. Its small API allows for the creation of simple web maps quickly.TBA