QGIS Courses

QGIS is high quality GIS software that offers an Open Source alternative to expensive commercial GIS software.

 Program: Open Source GIS
Location:  Langara College, Vancouver

QGIS Course Offerings

Course IdCourse NameDescriptionSchedule
GST 101Introduction to Geospatial Technology using QGISExplore the world of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) with QGIS, an Open Source software program that offers a free, but powerful, alternative to commercial GIS programs. Topics include symbology, raster and vector data models, and map composition. The course also provides background theory of GIS concepts such as projections and geocoding. This is a hands-on course, no programming required.January 2016
GST 102Spatial Analysis using QGISGain proficiency at using analysis techniques to solve problems that are commonly found in the GIS field. Operations will include both vector and raster data models.These techniques are applicable to a wide range of disciplines. This is a hands-on course, no programming required.March 2016
GST 103Data Acquisition and Management using QGISBecome proficient at working with a variety of data formats in a geographic information system (GIS). This course introduces the fundamental concepts of GIS data creation and discusses techniques for collection, classification, and management of spatial data. This is a hands-on course, no programming required.May 2016
GST 104Introduction to Cartography using QGISExplore fundamental concepts in cartography. Successful students will be able to employ design principles to create and edit effective visual representations of data in different formats. Specific topics include the ethical and appropriate application of map scale, map projections, generalization, and symbolization. This is a hands-on course, no programming required.
September 2016
GST 105Introduction to Remote Sensing using QGISExplore the world of remote sensing. Topics include the physical principles on which remote sensing is based, history and future trends, sensors and their characteristics, image data sources, and image classification, interpretation, and analysis techniques. This is a hands-on course, no programming required.November 2016