Programming Courses

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Understanding Programming with PythonLearn to program the Python way. The Python program language excels in simple syntax and elegant data structures that make it enjoyable to learn programming. This is a hands-on course. Students use variables, loops, decision structures, arrays, and functions while creating programs that help them understand programming concepts. TBA
Python ProgrammingWelcome to Python, the object-oriented programming language that is gaining popularity because of its elegant, easy-to-use syntax and powerful features. This Open Source language has many developers working on it, so many 3rd party tools exist for it.

This course helps the student to gain proficiency in the Python language in order to prepare them for specialty areas that require Python programming.
Python for GISPython has become the de facto standard program language for GIS. This course helps the student to gain proficiency in Python usage with the following programs:
  • ArcGIS
  • FME
  • QGIS
PHP: IntroductionPHP is the dominant program language on the Internet today. Excelling in easy-to-use functions and syntax, this C-based program language was created especially for connecting to databases and displaying HTML output in web-based applications.

In the GIS field, one of PHP's roles is to act as the background server to search a database and send content to a web map.
PHP: AdvancedContinue your progress into the world of PHP programming by developing advanced PHP applications. Partition your PHP and HTML code into reusable elements with Smarty Template Engine. Create dynamic graphs with JpGraph. Familiarize yourself XML, JSON, AJAX, jQuery, and other leading Web 2.0 technologies. Encounter the object-oriented side of PHP that experienced programmers use, and document your program professionally with PhpDocumentor. Consume web services. The course project will be a fully functioning PHP application that incorporates these advanced features.TBA
jQuery for JavaScriptjQuery is a powerful library that makes using JavaScript on a web page easy. Many 3rd party modules and much community support make jQuery the way to go for employing JavaScript-driven web sites.TBA