GIS Courses

Welcome to This website is a guide to the Open Source GIS courses and other GIS learning offerings of the team in Vancouver, Canada.

Until recently, most GIS courses were taught using expensive proprietary software, even though the average individual or small business could ill-afford the licensing costs for their own GIS software.

However, with the advent of quality Open Source software such as QGIS, GIS software is now much more accessible. Although it is easy to make simple maps with this and other software, the GIS field remains complex, and it takes concerted effort to learn about the scientific principles and technology that make it work.

Our mission at is to provide access to high quality courses that explain how a GIS works, by examining the information technology and geographic science that make it possible to accurately store, analyze, query, interpret, and display vast amounts of geographic data.

Although we offer the best available courses on Open Source GIS, we acknowledge the capabilities and value offered by proprietary GIS solutions. We are proficient with software such as AutoCAD,, and FME, and are prepared to offer courses using these commercially available GIS tools too.

Please explore and examine the GIS courses and other resources that we offer. We plan to add more GIS courses in the future. Our goal is to meet the learning needs of the individual or small business for GIS courses in new and long-established GIS software.